The Chairman
Ipatov Pavel Leonidovich
The Chairman of IUPA IUVNEI
The Chairman`s appeal

We are proud of our Union – it is the first public national “nuclear” organization of veterans-nuclear specialists which received official status “international” (not only by its name, but by its sense as well). IUVNEI now (from 2015) – together with a limited circle of international foreign organizations of “nuclear specialists” is accredited at the General Conference of the International Agency of Nuclear Energy (IAEA, Vienna).

Our public organization unifies veterans-nuclear specialists from eleven countries: Russia, Armenia, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech, Finland. All these countries are IUVNEI members.

The Union in its sense is a unique organization which has direct entrance abroad and executes the main goal – security promotion of nuclear energy work including transfer of critical knowledge and experience accumulated by national operators and work with wide circles of publicity under explanation of complete security provision of NPP from the side of national operators of the Union`s members.

​This is one of the main peculiarities of our Union. Furthermore, we presume, that a veteran is not an old man who has seen a lot in his life and needs only peace and treatment. Our veteran is an active person, professional, carrier of unique knowledge and experience who is ready to transfer it to the young generation of future “nuclear experts”.
And the following, young generation is now considerably resented by students of “nuclear” universities and even schoolmates. It is our reserve. Attraction to our Union of nuclear universities veterans-teachers, clubs of graduates for gathering, execution of lectures, textbooks, informal communication with students. It is an important direction of activity of our Veterans` Union.

And the last, but not the least: the history of our Union is a personal history of many people — creators and enthusiasts of IUVNEI development. These are not indifferent people, professionals who consider it their personal responsibility and are worried about successful development of nuclear area, for maintenance, frequently, of unique and invaluable achievements, for transfer of experience and knowledge under creation of these achievements to young generation.

The Chairman of IUPA IUVNEI

P.L. Ipatov