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Meeting of the Central Council of the IUVNEI

On November 25, 2021, an expanded meeting of the Central Council of the IUVNEI was held in Sochi. The speeches of the heads/representatives of veteran organizations of Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic, the representative of the veteran organization at the IAEA, the first Deputy Director of the VANO, the first deputies and deputies of the Union were heard. The meeting was chaired and the final report was delivered by the Chairman of the IUVNEI P.L.Ipatov.

The speakers noted that, despite the difficult epidemiological situation and the lack of financial resources for statutory activities in the second half of the year, the reporting and election conference was successfully held in 2021, the stable work of the Central Council and the International Secretariat of the IUVNEI was ensured.

At the expanded meeting of the Central Council, it was decided in particular:

• To approve the submitted plan of major international events for 2022. To save the budget, it was said to be advisable to organize them online, if possible.

• In order to reduce the costs of preparing and conducting international events and projects, the heads of international veterans organizations, if possible, seek funds for accommodation and meals for participants of events held on their territories.

• To request the Management of Rosatom State Corporation and Rosenergoatom Concern to maintain for 2022 and subsequent years the operation of the scheme for financing the authorized activities of IUVNEI previously agreed in April 2019 in the amount of 10 million Rubles per year.

• To approve the proposals of Professor of Ivanovo Energy University, Deputy Director General of the Systems and Technologies Group of Companies V.A.Savelyev to organize on the basis of the IEU the training of specialists in the design and operation of energy infrastructure in the Arctic on the basis of the ASMM as a source of generation with the involvement of experts of the IUVNEI to transfer the experience and knowledge of veterans to young people.

· V.T.Lebedenko, Deputy Chairman of the IUVNEI, was appointed Executive Secretary of the International Secretariat.