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International seminar IUPA IUVNEI took place on 11-14 April 2018 in Yerevan

The International Seminar of IUPA IUVNEI under the subject “Participation of international veteran organizations in increase of public admissibility of plans of development of Armenian NPP and prolongation of resource of unit №2” was held 11-14 April 2018 in Erevan under initiative of the International Union of veterans of nuclear energy and industry with support of veteran organization of Armenian NPP, Ministry of Energy of Armenia and Armenian division of the International Union of Public Associations (IUPA) “Leaders of the world community”.

In the work of the Seminar took part nuclear experts from Russia, Czech, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Lithuania.

In the course of the Seminar the following issues were touched upon:

  • Experience of realization of projects with implementation of innovative technologies in the context of prolongation of resource of operation of NPP units;
  • The role of International veteran organizations in increase of public admissibility of nuclear energy development;
  • Assessment of capability and usefulness of replacement of NPP capacity by alternative sources;
  • Assessment of economic, ecological and social priorities from prolongation of exploitation resource of Armenian NPP unit.

Additional documentation:
1. Final resolution.
2. Official greeting.
3. Official greeting (Translated).